Help! We’re trapped in the digital age!

Well, here we are. Our generation….seems pretty much screwed.

What is it about us that makes us so damn interesting? We are so intolerably unique these days. We write blogs, very much like this one. Then we microblog on Twitter. Which goes straight to our Facebook. We have numerous social networking pages devoted all to ourselves, so we can constantly update our status to assert our coolness over everyone else we’ve known since elementary school, and of course the people we don’t know who have probably starting stalking our pages. Who can blame them? We’re fucking fabulous.

That’s what we use the internet for- to look at ourselves. Technology allows us to connect with people from all over the world, but to an extent we use it as a mirror. The whole phenomenon is actually quite bizarre! This blog is just so I can call bullshit on all the ridiculous and hilarious crap on the internet. Find something pretentious or just strange? Let us know!


All Hail Lady Gaga, Queen of Ugly


This first post had to be dedicated to the queen of all things bizarre, Lady Gaga. I will hand it to the girl, she’s laughing all the way to the bank. But aside from that little speck of respect I have for her, WTF is this shit?

Eminem's face: appropriate.

This is just. . . gross.

If I met her on the street, I'd run.

Costumes are one thing, but the fact that we worship this is frightening!

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